Beau Romer

In 2013 we had our first narrowboating holiday and a dream started to take shape.

Here we are in 2020, with our brand new 57′ Bickerstaffe Boat Company narrowboat Beau Romer, living aboard and learning about our new life.


Martyn retired from the electricity supply industry in 2019. After nearly 30 years working in social housing Mandella decided to take a career break and cruise off with him.

We’re both from Dorset, but now based in West Lancashire. Home is our boat, and wherever she takes us.


Can’t Buy Me Love

Today was Harecastle Tunnel Day. Harecastle is 2,926 yards long. It’s one-way, quite wide, dead straight, pitch black, and gives me the heebie-jeebies. This isn’t anything to do with the skeleton in the alcove about 450 yards from the northern entrance, or that the Kidsgrove Boggart reputedly haunts it – it’s the fans. There aren’t …

At last!

2024 cruising has been an awfully long time coming. I’ve been working all winter and have barely seen anything apart from the view out of the window. The plan was to finish working at the end of March and set off to have some fun., but plans don’t always work out. We left the marina …

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