Beau Romer

In 2013 we had our first narrowboating holiday and a dream started to take shape.

Here we are in 2020, with our brand new 57′ Bickerstaffe Boat Company narrowboat Beau Romer, living aboard and learning about our new life.


Martyn retired from the electricity supply industry in 2019. After nearly 30 years working in social housing Mandella decided to take a career break and cruise off with him.

We’re both from Dorset, but now based in West Lancashire. Home is our boat, and wherever she takes us.



We have been in an internet desert since turning onto the Shroppie at Autherley Junction. Perhaps I should consider a digital detox because we feel very bereft without it. I know some people move onto narrowboats to enjoy the simplicity of the lifestyle, but we like our modern conveniences. WiFi, smart TV, washing machine, microwave …


We’ve been cruising more new-to-us canals, firstly the North Stratford. The 19 locks of the Lapworth Flight would have been a real headache if it hadn’t been for a couple of CRT Volunteer Lock keepers, Pat and Roger. They were absolute diamonds, and made a wet afternoon’s trip up a real pleasure. After turning right …

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